Updated 01/25/2018 for the 2018 Season

Once an order is placed, generally, there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted due to rain, scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues.

The RISE is a very expensive event to produce.  Once you purchase your tickets, the funds are immediately used to deliver the experience to you on the specific date and time you purchased for.  If you choose not to attend, your tickets are neither refundable nor exchangeable because those funds have been used to deliver the event regardless of whether you were there or not.

We are only able to provide exceptions for refunds or exchanges in the following situations:

1.    PRE-SALE CUSTOMERS: If you purchased tickets in August during our pre-sale period, you may request a full-refund via email to on or before August 31st, no questions asked.  This gives us enough time to find another guest interested in your tickets and before the funds have been allocated to the event. Sorry, without exception, we cannot offer this option after August 31st because the funds will be allocated to delivering your experience.

2.    WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ORDERING: Mistakes happen.  If you feel you’ve made a mistake in ordering and notify us via email at within 24 hours of placing your order, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked, as long as your ticket date/time is 3 or more days away.

3.    SECOND ORDER: If you’re unable to attend the date and time you originally purchased for and you’re unable to give your tickets to family/friends, we have an alternative option for you.  If you place a second order for tickets to another date and time, we’ll refund your original order in full provided that:

a.    Your second order contains the same number of tickets as your original order.

b.    Your second order is placed at least 5 days before the date/time of your original tickets. This will give us enough time to resell the tickets in your original order. If you contact us less than 5 days before the date/time of your original tickets, we will only provide a refund on your original order IF that ticket date/time is listed on our website as Sold Out or Wait List Only at the time you place your second order.   

c.    Both your original order and second order were placed through our website using the same account and email address. Tickets purchased through Groupon are not eligible. Sorry, but Groupon doesn’t provide a mechanism that allows us to issue refunds or exchanges.


The RISE is a rain or shine event.  However, for the safety of our guests, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to postpone any timed ticket to a later time in the night OR to a different date and time of our choice in the following circumstances:

WIND: If the National Weather Service and/or NOAA issues a Wind Warning with sustained wind speeds of 40 MPH OR gusts of 58 MPH during the time of the event.

LIGHTNING: If NOAA issues a warning predicting lightning will be imminent OR if lightning is detected within 8 miles of the event.

If The RISE chooses to postpone any timed tickets to later in the night due to one of the above reasons, RISE will make best efforts to alert ticket holders as quickly as possible through updates on our Facebook page, our website, and by email. 

If The RISE chooses to postpone any timed tickets to an alternate night, RISE will make best efforts to alert ticket holders as quickly as possible through updates on our Facebook page, our website, and by email to affected ticket holders.  Affected ticket holders MUST arrive at their regularly scheduled time slot on the postponement date with their unused RISE tickets. If you are unable to attend on the new date, you may give your tickets to family/friend/etc.  Alternatively, you may email us at to inquire if any alternative ticket exchange or refund options are available. Please note that in the event of a postponement, the volume of enquiries may be higher than normal and we concentrate on responding to each and every email within 24-48 hours.  Please email us and DO NOT call us or the venue with enquiries regarding severe weather postponements.  Multiple emails and calls about the same issue can further delay our response time.

CANCELLATION: In the event that a date and/or timeslot is cancelled and no general postponement date and time is offered, ticket holders will be notified via email with information regarding alternate ticket exchange and/or refund options. 

GROUPON: Vouchers purchased through Groupon that have not been redeemed for tickets on our website should be redeemed so we can notify customers by email of any dangerous weather postponements or closures.  The RISE is not responsible if Groupon voucher holders do not redeem their vouchers and do not receive weather related postponement or closure instructions. For questions about how to redeem your vouchers, please visit our FAQ page.


If you find out later that you are unable to attend on the original date/time you purchased for, the tickets are transferable so you may give your tickets to family or friends.


Tickets may only be used once.  After they are scanned, they cannot be used again.  Anyone attempting to gain entry with a previously scanned ticket will be denied entry. It’s important that you don’t mistakenly print your tickets twice and have more than one person attempt entry using the same ticket number.

Tickets may only be used on the date and at the time printed on them.  Anyone attempting to use a ticket for any other time will be denied entry.